All About The Passed.AI AI Detection App

Welcome to the tour! After to popular request, we’re very happy to break down our Passed.AI app for you in this article. This is going to be a detailed one, so if you’re looking for a specific explanation, please select it from the blog outline below:

The Goal

The Passed.AI AI detecion app is mainly intended for administrational activities, such as:

  • Start/cancel a subscription
  • Purchase credits
  • View scan history
  • Change account info

The AI detection app also has a traditional content scanner, which checks for AI and plagiarism. However, we’d like to press that the intended use of our tool lies within the extension, as an AI detection score is not enough to maintain academic integrity. Read more about the extension.

Getting Started: Onboarding

After logging in, you’ll be greeted by our Passed.AI Robot and you’ll be asked some questions to set up your account. If the ‘Next’ button is grey, it means that one or more fields haven’t been filled in yet. If everything is ready to go, the ‘Next’ button will turn yellow and you’ll be able to continue to the following step.


Navigating the AI Detection App

Now that you have an account and are officially onboarded, let’s take a look at the app!


After finishing the onboarding process, you’ll see the dashboard. This is where you can set up your subscription or, in the case of the example below, view your active subscription. You can also add credits or manage your subscription. The ‘Manage Subscription’ option will redirect you to your Stripe account, which is what we use to manage our subscriptions and payments.


Knowing that 1 credit scans 100 words, I know that I have (100 * 200 =) 20.000 words left to scan this month. We’ll add 200 credits to all of our users accounts upon subscription renewal.

Document Scanner

Our AI detection app includes a traditional AI detector and plagiarism checker. Although we’re big supporters of academic integrity and an AI detection score alone doesn’t say much (read why here), we thought it might come in handy from time to time to have a quick scanner such as the one below. Let’s see how to navigate it:

  1. Enter text here – pretty self explanatory! Just copy-paste the text you’d like to check here.
  2. Add a title, course, and/or student so you can locate the results in Scan History easily (optional)
  3. Choose whether you’d like an AI Content scan, a Plagiarism scan, or both. As we already know, one credit scans 100 words. For an input of 100 words, each scan will cost 1 credit. Keep in mind that if you opt to do both scans, it’ll be 2 credits.
  4. This is where you can see how many words your input has.
  5. Ready to go? Hit ‘Scan Now’!


We’ve introduced a fundamental LMS integration to help streamline and organize your scanned records. Soon, the Courses page will be enhanced to support CSV uploads and offer smooth integration with other LMS platforms, including Google Classroom.



The Students page follows suit, designed to systematically catalog your scanned documents.



Our help section has (hopefully) answers to any questions you might have. If this is not the case, please hit the ‘Questions? Email Us’ button in the bottom right corner.


Become An Affiliate

Are you an entrepreneurial educator that wants to help colleagues and sign them up to Passed.AI? Our affiliate program awaits you You can earn a lifetime commission off of users that you introduced to us and it’s free! More information on this page.


Get The Extension

This dedicated page either steers you to our ‘Extension How To’ guide or directly to the Google Web Store.


Manage Account

In this section, you can change your personal information like name etc, as well as manage your subscription. This button will redirect you to your stripe account, where you can securely log in and update things like payment info.

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Start using immediately with a Chrome Extension and no new software for students to use. Pricing is done in a way that teachers can start using today without requiring buy-in from institutions.


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