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Passed.AI is changing the game when it comes to detecting AI-generated text. Our extension allows teachers to scan their students’ papers and detect whether any part of it has been generated by AI–followed by an in-depth document audit to back up the scan, eliminate false positives, and ensure that decisions are enforceable. As long as the student submits their paper as a Google Doc and gives the teacher edit access, our tool does the rest! For other formats, we now offer up to 1,000 scans per month of web pages, Word documents, emails, PDFs, or any other text.

Our product is perfect for teachers who want to make sure their students are producing original work. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a 20% commission on ongoing subscription fees for anyone you refer to Passed.AI. And with rising concerns about AI-powered academic dishonesty, this is an excellent opportunity to earn passive income while promoting a tool that’s both innovative and essential.

But it’s not just about the commission. Passed.AI is genuinely changing the game when it comes to detecting AI-generated text. It’s a tool that every teacher needs. So why not be a part of this game-changing innovation and share Passed.AI with your audience today?

We provide our affiliates with all the necessary resources to help promote our product effectively. We’ve got a comprehensive affiliate program, complete with banners, text links, and even a dedicated affiliate manager to answer any questions you may have.


While we welcome our affiliates to use their unique voice to let their audience know about our tool, we have a few guidelines in place to protect our brand image. If you violate these guidelines, we reserve the right to terminate our affiliate agreement with you.

  • Describe our product and its capabilities accurately. Our tool is innovative and we’re always making improvements, but if you tell customers the product does something it’s not actually capable of, they won’t be happy. Make sure to carefully read our website and (ideally) try out the tool yourself. If you need clarification, reach out to us.
  • Only display our branding in a safe-for-work context. Our customers are professionals and institutions, both of which work closely with children. We don’t want to see our logo near suggestive, violent, illegal, discriminatory, immoral, or otherwise inappropriate content.
  • Don’t involve our brand in controversy. At our sole discretion, we may terminate relationships with influencers if we have concerns that our values are not aligned.

We recognize that these guidelines are subjective and open to interpretation, but this is necessary given the sheer number of things on the internet that could harm a brand’s image by association.


This section provides some graphics for you to use by themselves or with your own branding. If there’s something you think we should add, let us know; we’re always happy to hear feedback.

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Start using immediately with a Chrome Extension and no new software for students to use. Pricing is done in a way that teachers can start using today without requiring buy-in from institutions.


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