Passed.AI Teacher Tools

Here’s an overview of the teacher tools that are included with every Passed.AI subscription. Each tool has its own magic: helping teachers understand students better, ensuring work is really done by students, and keeping everything original and fair. Curious to know more? Dive into each tool’s page for the full scoop

Visit the free tools page for an overview of the tools that are free of charge.

Chrome Extension Tools

The teacher tools below are available in the Chrome Extension. Are you subscribed and want to install the Chrome Extension? Go to the Chrome Store. Otherwise, sign up first.

1. Replay Tool

Transform the way you teach with our cutting-edge replay tool, a favourite among teachers! Dive deep into your students’ thought processes, uncover key insights, and fine-tune your teaching strategies for improved outcomes.

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2. Document Audit

Get a clear picture of how students work with our easy-to-use document audit tool. It’s like having x-ray vision for homework! See when they started, how long they spent, and check out their original ideas. It’s all about using AI smartly – helping without doing all the work. Get read to make learning with AI fun and fair.

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3. AI Detection (also available in the app)

Curious if your students are leaning a bit too much on AI for their assignments? Our AI detection tool is here to help. Thanks to Originality.AI, it boasts an incredible 99% accuracy in identifying AI’s hand in their work. It’s not just about catching AI use; it’s about encouraging students to really think, create, and learn. This tool helps ensure that every idea is genuinely theirs, balancing AI assistance with their own amazing thoughts.

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Start using immediately with a Chrome Extension and no new software for students to use. Pricing is done in a way that teachers can start using today without requiring buy-in from institutions.


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