Replay Tool

Rewind, review, reveal: experience document creation in real time

  • visualize the document creation process
  • Multiple playback speeds
  • Analyze writing patterns
  • Understand Workflow
  • Enhance Feedback and Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the replay tool do?

Passed.AI’s Replay Tool offers a unique insight into the document’s creation process. It visually reproduces the construction of the document at adjustable speeds, allowing you to review and analyze the writing progression in detail.

How can I use the replay tool to monitor my students’ writing process?

How does the replay tool assist in academic integrity enforcement?

Is the replay tool included with the AI detection tool or does it need to be downloaded separately?

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Start using immediately with a Chrome Extension and no new software for students to use. Pricing is done in a way that teachers can start using today without requiring buy-in from institutions.


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