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Welcome to Passed.AI Academic Honesty Reports – created with your academic integrity in mind. With generative AI and a vast ocean of information at everyone’s fingertips, removing doubts about the authenticity of your work has never been more crucial.

Our platform uses advanced algorithms to analyze your documents, comparing them against an extensive database of online content and generative AI patterns to detect any similarities or signs of AI-generated text. By doing so, Passed.AI provides a comprehensive report that not only highlights your work’s originality but also serves as a powerful tool to preemptively prove your adherence to academic integrity standards.

Whether you’re writing an essay, a research paper, or any academic assignment, Passed.AI gives you peace of mind by affirming the authenticity of your work before submission.

Using Passed.AI Made Simple

Generate integrity reports without a subscription at Passed.AI. Our platform offers detailed insights into AI detection and study-backed accuracy rates.

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1. Visit: Go directly to and log in.

2. Select Reports: Choose from 1, 5, or 10 reports in the “Buy Reports” section.

3. Create Report: Under “New Report”, either drag & drop or copy-paste your text into the input field and click “Get Report”.

4. Access Your Report: Instantly receive your report to share via a link or download in PDF format. The report includes details about AI detection methodologies and highlights from relevant studies that underscore the accuracy and reliability of our tool.

Pricing for AI & Plagiarism Academic Honesty Reports

Our packages include:

  • Comprehensive AI and plagiarism scans.
  • Support for documents up to 5000 words.
  • Each report comes with a web link and a PDF download option.
ai & plagiarism academic honesty report pricing

Why did we create AI & Plagiarism Academic Honesty Reports?

We’ve spoken with hundreds of educators who have seen more and more students submit work that was created with AI. Because of that, they are increasingly reliant on “AI Detectors” to help identify when a student has used generative AI inappropriately. However, these detectors vary greatly in quality and are often outdated and improperly trained. This leads to many false positives and false allegations of students.

At Passed.AI, we believe that students can use AI appropriately in their learning process and encourage the use of assistive AI. But we also believe that students still need to “do the work” and show their learnings. We want to help the students that have completed their assignments honestly avoid the negative impact of false accusations as being falsely accused of plagiarism or using generative AI to create school work can have many negative impacts, both academically and personally.

Here are some of our main concerns:

Academic Consequences

  1. Damage to Academic Record: A plagiarism accusation can lead to disciplinary action, which might include failing the assignment, failing the course, or even expulsion in severe cases. This can severely impact a student’s academic record and future opportunities.
  2. Loss of Trust: Once accused, a student might face a loss of trust from faculty and peers. This can affect group projects, recommendations, and future academic relationships.
  3. Increased Scrutiny: Future work may be subjected to more rigorous checks for authenticity, putting the student under constant suspicion and pressure to prove originality.

Personal and Professional Impacts

  1. Stress and Anxiety: The process of defending oneself against false accusations can be incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing, potentially affecting mental health and academic performance.
  2. Reputation Damage: The stigma of being accused of academic dishonesty can extend beyond the academic environment, potentially affecting future employment opportunities. Employers may question the integrity and work ethic of someone with such accusations in their history.
  3. Legal and Financial Consequences: In some cases, there might be legal implications, especially if the accusation involves copyright infringement. There can also be financial burdens associated with legal defense or the necessity to retake courses.

Ethical Considerations

  1. Ethical Dilemma: Being falsely accused can lead to an ethical dilemma for the student, who must navigate the line between defending their integrity and dealing with the implications of the accusations, even if unfounded.
  2. Misuse of AI Detection Tools: Overreliance on automated plagiarism or AI detection tools can lead to false positives, unfairly penalizing students for unique writing styles or common phrases.

Long-Term Effects

  1. Impact on Future Studies: The accusation can affect applications for further studies, scholarships, or academic programs, as some require disclosure of disciplinary actions.
  2. Professional Relationships: The shadow of a plagiarism accusation can follow a student into their professional life, affecting relationships with colleagues and superiors who may learn of the incident.

Why do we charge students for these reports?

We want to take a moment to explain why our Honesty Reports comes with a cost. Behind the scenes, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality, and most accurate tools available that supports your academic and personal growth. Our partners and we are committed to constantly improving our tools, which means we must invest in the development and maintenance of our technology, securing access to up-to-date resources, ensuring the highest levels of data security and privacy protection, and supporting a dedicated team. These costs are essential to maintain the standards of excellence and innovation you expect from us.

If you’re in a tough spot with your academic institution and can’t afford our Sample pricing, please reach out to us.

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What types of reports can I generate with Passed.AI Academic Honesty Reports?

Passed.AI Academic Honesty Reports allows you to produce AI and plagiarism reports to validate the originality of your work. Whether it’s an academic paper, article, or any written content, our tool provides comprehensive analysis to prove your honesty against false accusations of AI usage.

How do I generate a report using

Generating a report is straightforward: simply copy/paste your text or drag and drop your files into our app. Our system will analyze the content and produce a detailed report highlighting the originality of your work and any AI-generated content.

Can I generate reports for documents in languages other than English?

Yes! Our tool works with 15 languages: French, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russianm Persianm Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Turkish, and of course English.

How long does it take to receive an AI & plagiarism academic honesty report after submission?

The processing time can vary depending on the length and complexity of the document. Typically, reports are generated within minutes, allowing for quick and efficient analysis.

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