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Document Audit

Replay Tool

History Report

Reduce Uncertainty

AI Detection

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AI Content Detection & Writing Visualization for Academic Transparency

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Here’s what’s included

Document Audit

Replay Tool

History Report

Reduce Uncertainty

AI Detection

Plagiarism Check


Document Audit

This is an overview of how the document was created. It covers:

  • AI detection score
  • Plagiarism scores
  • Long inserts: we’re talking about paste-ins. You’ll be able to see everything that’s every been pasted into this document.
  • Overview of changes and when they were made

History report

Get the full picture:

  • See who contributed and when
  • How much time was spent on this document?
  • Is the number of deletes natural (a.k.a did the student copy from another source)

Reduce Uncertainty

We minimize false positives through a two-step process. Our system first detects potential AI-generated content, then performs a secondary verification to confirm the accuracy of the detection. This ensures you receive reliable results.

Replay Tool

Still have doubts? Unsure about the reports? Grab some popcorn, pick a speed that’s comfortable for you and watch your student write the document.


AI Content Detection & Plagiarism

Pick your favourite AI content detection and/or Plagiarism tools – you’re in charge.

Want more than the built-in basic AI detection? Want to include a Plagiarism check? Add credits to your subscription and choose which of these award-winning tools you additionally want to use in your scan.

Our partner tools offer complete AI coverage including GPT-4.

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More tools coming soon!


Standard Plan

  • 5-day free trial, includes 2500 words
  • Unlimited document audits
  • 200 free credits per month
  • Access to: Document Audit, History Report, Replay Tool
  • Use credits for AI Content Detection and Plagiarism



Institution Plan

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Build on to your plan with our credits!

Use credits to upgrade the AI detection tool and/or to check for plagiarism.

Pick your favourite tool(s) and enhance your subscription!
$0.1 per credit
1 credit scans up to 200 words
Credits don’t expire

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s AI content detection?

AI detection is the use of advanced technology to identify if a text has been written by artificial intelligence. In the education sector, this tool aids teachers in verifying the originality of students’ work, ensuring academic integrity by distinguishing between human-written and AI-generated content. It uses machine learning algorithms and pattern recognition to achieve this.

Why is AI content detection important?

AI detection is crucial because the increasing sophistication of AI-generated text makes it difficult to distinguish from human-written content. In the academic world, this presents challenges in maintaining the integrity of students’ work. Teachers and institutions need to ensure work submitted is original and not artificially generated. Hence, AI detection plays a pivotal role in upholding academic standards and fairness.

How does Passed.AI’s plagiarism detection and document analysis work?

Passed.AI uses an in-app tool and a Google Chrome extension for document analysis. The in-app tool scans any pasted text for AI and/or plagiarism, while the Chrome extension integrates with Google Docs for an in-depth analysis. This includes a report featuring time spent on the document, a ‘Flow Score’ for text fluidity, instances of pasted content, and other key metrics, providing the necessary secondary checks for academic integrity.

How can I install the Chrome extension?

Please check out our step-by-step guide here

How was Originality.AI trained?

Originality.AI works with an in-house created artificial intelligence. The tool was trained on millions of records (AI-generated as well as human created) before it was published. It’s a ChatGPT, GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-J, and GPT-4 detector.

What are false positives?

False positives in the context of AI detection refer to instances when the tool wrongly identifies a piece of text as AI-generated when it’s actually human-written. This could occur due to various factors like the complexity of language, certain writing styles, or sometimes due to limitations within the AI detection tool itself. Managing false positives is important to maintain the accuracy and reliability of AI detection systems. This is why Passed.AI has implemented secondary checks: they are a safety net for false positives.

What are false negatives?

False negatives in AI detection refer to instances when the tool fails to identify a piece of text as AI-generated when it actually is. In other words, the AI has missed or overlooked the fact that the text was generated by an artificial intelligence, thereby incorrectly categorizing it as human-written. This is why Passed.AI has implemented secondary checks: they are a safety net for false negatives.

How can you avoid false positives and negatives?

By using Passed.AI! Our secondary checks will give you much more information. Being able to see things like how long it took to create the document, contributions, number of changes etc. are designed to support your decision-making process. Unlike other tools that give a binary answer, Passed.AI gives you a complete picture. This deeper insight significantly reduces the chances of both false positives and negatives, providing a more reliable and accurate detection of AI-generated content.

Does Passed.AI work in different languages?

Yes! The Passed.AI tool suite (i.e. Document Audit, History Report, Replay Tool) work regardless of the language of the document. However, is not trained on different languages, so the ai detection and plagiarism check can only be performed on English documents.


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